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Christmas was spent with my maternal family every year until 2019, the year when there was no Christmas. These photos represent a Christmas tradition called “Os Buchos” (filling the pig’s stomach with rice, meat and other ingredients). Preparation and confection are made with my father's family and that year this community task was the closest to Christmas that I had.


Here is also important to understand the cultural interest of the preservation of this and other traditions that is now possible for me, with a distant but more adult look, to capture all the artistic potential that they have. The immortalization of a hinge year in my family life made me realize that traditions change, customs disappear and others appear, and I will try to keep them on film.


These photographs are organized by order of preparation and confection process and “3kg of parsley” appears as a tribute to those who strive every year to keep this cultural tradition alive, and above all this family getting together.



For the Viveiros family, where parsley never hurts.

3Kg de Salsa, 2019-2020

*3Kg of parsley*

set of 17 analog photographs

Canon EOS 500 with a Ilford HP5 plus 400, black and white film

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